The Temperature of Frost (Book 1 of Christmas in Bogotá)

The Temperature of Frost (Book 1 of Christmas in Bogotá)

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Mysty By MissMysteryGame Completed

❄️Featured and Watty Award-Winning, this is the strangest book you'll ever read.❄️ A dark psychological fantasy wherein a girl loses more than just the love of her life by betrayal...

She loses her mind. And so fretting upon the stage, this is her show: one that takes us from her deepest fantasies all the way to Pluto. 

Or does it? Bang. There goes reality. 

Book 1 of 12 of Christmas in Bogotá. Despite the series name, this is NOT a Christmas story. Read the tags, or the book... you'll see.

This COMPLETED book uses ample MULTIMEDIA. Book 2 is IN PROGRESS.


This story I own; the chapter art I do not. The cover I designed.

Strange travels,

The words coupled with the GIF made for a really interesting intro. I think I'm gonna stick around until, well, I'm not. :)
I've been weird for my entire life. Of course I'll be staying weird.
Are you on Tumblr? If you are, we must follow each other. I love weird gifs. Have you seen these:
I've seen this gif before from anime movie, but i forgot the name of it
HarlemPoet HarlemPoet May 30
A new book I highly recommend. Mysty is a special writer and has more to give than you know.
It has many new takes, and uses humor very well! I am finding it fresh and rewarding. ;)