The Temperature of Frost

The Temperature of Frost

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Mysty By MissMysteryGame Completed

❄️Featured and Watty Award-Winning, this is the strangest book you'll ever read.❄️ A dark psychological fantasy wherein a girl loses more than just the love of her life by betrayal...

She loses her mind. And so fretting upon the stage, this is her show: one that takes us from her deepest fantasies all the way to Pluto. 

Or does it? Bang. There goes reality. 

This COMPLETED book uses ample MULTIMEDIA.


This story I own; the chapter art I do not. The cover I designed.

Strange travels,

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hetmeisjezondernaam_ hetmeisjezondernaam_ May 26, 2017
Here I am again, looking at your english book, and for no reason try'ing to understand, again. 'Cause I just really want to😅
- - Mar 23, 2017
Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls complete.
                              Now time for The Temperature of Frost.
                              Wish me luck
DeanGirl23 DeanGirl23 Jan 08, 2017
Your books draw my attention. I'll read more of them when I get the chance.
surrealworlds surrealworlds Jun 06, 2016
Are you on Tumblr? If you are, we must follow each other. I love weird gifs. Have you seen these:
Birdmandeaky Birdmandeaky Jul 22, 2016
I've seen this gif before from anime movie, but i forgot the name of it
HarlemPoet HarlemPoet May 30, 2016
A new book I highly recommend. Mysty is a special writer and has more to give than you know.