Promise || BTS SUGA

Promise || BTS SUGA

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kaye By kwonstar Completed

A promise made by a young boy,

"I give this promise ring to you, and I'll keep my promise of marrying you."

Leaving unforgettable memories to a young girl,

"Yah! Min Yoongi, don't leave me..."

Who soon accepts the pain.

"Don't forget your promise."

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zoneout098 zoneout098 Mar 09
I know what this says🤗don’t @ me bitchzz I’m superior. #fluent
taekimx taekimx Mar 11
jhope and youngjae should be friends. BC BOTH OF THEM ARE MY SUNSHINESSSS
bish wat wit plz explan to mE wat da fek u jus sias......I cryed
Person I am not a spy or anything but don't you think it is a coincidence that his name is yoongi and the stage name you gave your friend with big dreams was suga and that is his stage I sound so smart
~Smiles while at bus stop,down at my phone,with my crush right across from me~ "YES!" ~Crush looks at me and laughs~Me:Why me? What the friz did I just do? ~Only early 2000s kids will under stand the punn.
BtsXukunZ BtsXukunZ Feb 06
Is they stupid?
                              If I were her i would smell him and lick his face and say "yep yep yep, you taste like me best friend"