Promise || BTS SUGA

Promise || BTS SUGA

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A promise made by a young boy,

"I give this promise ring to you, and I'll keep my promise of marrying you."

Leaving unforgettable memories to a young girl,

"Yah! Min Yoongi, don't leave me..."

Who soon accepts the pain.

"Don't forget your promise."

If she said yoongi with a 'shi' then they are not closed with each other tho
Ahh Korean dramas have taught me well; I'm so happy I understand this
supkimmytae supkimmytae 21 hours ago
bok joo be like:
                              remove your filthy hand on him. im his girlfriend u bitch
I love this story thank you for this ! I just started writing mine and I'm honestly very happy to see that many people enjoying writing stories ! ARMY FIGHTING
Common sense...logic...a brain..FIND SOME!!! *face Palm*..*face plant*