My Mate Is My Bully

My Mate Is My Bully

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Sweetslover22 By Sweetslover22 Updated Nov 25

Sequel to: Rejected and a baby 

"Zoe, I'm so sorry" he said stepping closer to me.

"NO DONT COME ANY CLOSER!" I said while some tears were coming down my face.

"No, Zoe please I'm sorry!" He said looking sad. By now we had everyone circling around laughing pointing at me.

"No" I muttered then turned around and ran while pushing everyone out of my way.

"Zoe! Zoe! " I heard him shout but I was already out of the doors.



#214 in werewolf November 26th 2016

No i just dont want my eyeballs fall out after looking at your ugly ass face. Its as simple as that. Duh
Umm theres something called self defense u ever heard of it but if u haven't then I pity u
Mines on August 24th, which is basically the present day in the story. :)
jenny_ldn jenny_ldn Aug 01
Is no one curious why she has school in August which is weird
Roll me away on a bed screaming, 'SHE DYING BÌTCHES, MOVE OUTTA THE WAY, MORONS!' Yea.. That would make my day.