Double Trouble

Double Trouble

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Wolfheart By Wolfheartcp Updated Sep 22, 2016

Jason Ford hasn't ever had it easy. With his mom dead at the age of three, and his dad barely making ends meet with a physical disability, Jason has had to grow up a little quicker than most kids. After his dad finds a job in Wyoming, the two move out there where Jason hopes to start a little more fresh. Automatically being classified as the school's Bad-boy, he doesn't expect to fall in love. That changes when he falls for not just with one girl, but two, both of which who are not human. 

Amy Draven, mated with her life-long friend, Sabrina, sees this chance to have some normality in her ever changing life. With her parents constantly against her having a female mate, having another mate who is male might help add some ease to her life.

Sabrina Walker, whose dad is the Alpha to the second largest pack in North America, has a lot of weight on her shoulders with becoming the future Luna. She's also the first soon-to-be Luna with a female as a mate. With Sabrina's dad bearing down on her about not having an heir, Jason is exactly what she needs to complete everything. 

But as the Fates have it, nothing is ever that simple. 

Kane Scroth, the Alpha to the deadliest pack of Rogues in history, has recently set his sights on the two female mates, and wants them for his own. He will stop at nothing to get to them, especially a pup that is not even of his kind. 

With the three mates wanting nothing but some normality to their hectic lives, they're going to have to fight their way to get it. Or lose everything all together.

Wolphin5 Wolphin5 Dec 09, 2015
I did the same!  It is so much fun having a strong female as the werewolf, and have them find a male, but one that is equally strong mentally!
Bookhuntergirl4ever Bookhuntergirl4ever Jul 22, 2015
I'm okay with it I don't dissagree with this kinda stuff I just ignore it but I really wanna see what happens in this one :)