Trouvaille [ Len x Rin ]

Trouvaille [ Len x Rin ]

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Love came into their story, 
They who didn't believe in love. 

Love changed their life, 
Their life which once was monochrome. 

Love changed themselves,
Both of them who didn't think would fall in love 
at the first time.



(n.) Something lovely discovered by chance.

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'Love Story'


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It's okay Rin. The squealing girls in my class make my ears hurt too
Well that's why u shouldn't run in the corridor .(btw love the story so far Author )
That's great! I had done the first chapter recently and the 4th chapter update? I'm going impantient on reading it. (Does I writte it correct? I'm bad on english^^)
Sometimes I kiss books when I really love them
                              That only happened with TABINOF, DAPGO and The 5th Wave series
Things are to get a whole lot more words aren't it ? Pity Rin ;-;
lennyrinny lennyrinny Dec 23, 2016
StarRhythm, i'm waiting for this story to be update, i really love this story, i have read the first one like thousand times haha, and now i still remembered all of it.. I just can't wait to read this one, i'm waiting StarRhythm :) ( i'm sorry for my grammar mistakes, i'm not good in english :p)