Love Story [Len x Rin]

Love Story [Len x Rin]

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Kagamine Len: 'The popular boy.'
"I don't believe in love. I think it's just a dumb feeling that can never come into my life."

Kagami Rin: 'The quiet girl.'
"Love? Hm.. I wish I could feel it, but I think I won't receive that wonderful feeling in my life."

They life was normal; until both of them met each other-- a little accident changed their whole life, they suddenly became a fake couple?! 

But then, 'Love' came into their story and changed the whole plot, the
feeling of the fake couple suddenly grew stronger... Will they believe it?

The new start of their 'Love Story' begins now.

The Popular Prince meets The Quiet Princess,

What could happen?



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SonBahar-02 SonBahar-02 Oct 19
That's something i'd totally do...I understand your pain Rin.
TeraWusHere TeraWusHere Apr 27
Popular kids? 😂 Already? In second grade?? 😂😂 Damn, when I
SonBahar-02 SonBahar-02 Oct 19
This is WAY better >w< I've read the first one i liked it but i felt like story progressed too fast.The same problem won't happen with this one judging from this chapter. 😀 Write fast okay~~?
otakulord232 otakulord232 Dec 28, 2015
Strange... The other day I say Rin chopping people's hands off and putting them in a garden and she didn't seem to have any trouble with that...
skyler_germaya123 skyler_germaya123 Nov 12, 2015
Me:oh look rin
                              Rin:what is it?
                              Me:a BLOOD on my shirt
                              Me:it was just a ketchup >.>
iiSupa0Girlii iiSupa0Girlii Oct 19, 2015
If they are in 2nd grade, why do they have student body presidents??