Alpha Mi Amor

Alpha Mi Amor

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You Will Have To Follow To Read Some Chapters.

Laylah Queen is a soon to be 18 year old Highschool student. Noticing changes in her behavior her Parent's sits her down the day before her 18th birthday tells her that she is a werewolf.
Along with her parents , brothers , and sister , and they are moving to the pack grounds in Ohio.

The night of her 18th birthday shes out with her long lost bestfriend Jayd , and there she meets the handsome 20 year old Demetri Justice. Who is set to be the ' Head Alpha ' within the next week. And with one look in his eyes she instantly falls in love with him.
Alpha , Mi Amor 

Copyright ⓒ 2016

By: Bianca Sawyer

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All events in this book is made up from the authors imaginiation.

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Written_Voices34 Written_Voices34 Dec 20, 2016
Aww in away i think thats kind of sweet.... Gyrl make him work for it
Written_Voices34 Written_Voices34 Dec 20, 2016
Yasss!!!!! Lah Lah set the record str8t gyrl 👏👏👏👏
Written_Voices34 Written_Voices34 Dec 20, 2016
Oh boy... Sounds like some heavy ish finto go 👇 down 😕