daddy's girl // l.h.

daddy's girl // l.h.

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"luke." i moaned

"what's my name?" he mumbled huskily into my ear. 


** contains mature content such as daddy kink and sex with a minor. if you are uncomfortable with either of those topics, i do not recommend that you read 

also, this is a really shitty story with multiple plot holes and not very realistic smut so read at your own risk**

hemmotraash hemmotraash Apr 01
Lets just pretend her parents are 30 somethin rn and Chelsea and Rylee are both 16 k bye
I find it hot how 5SOS Wear converse I do too but anyway they're just hot
Wait if she was three when she went to live with rylees mom and dad, or her step dad luke, and he's only six years older, then he was eight when they adopted her.. I'm so confused plz help
Sry but this is really bugging me so i felt like just saying it How Can he be six years older if he Raised her and her best friend like what is this 😂 and also if he is six years older and 5 years younger then her mom that would mean her mom is 11 years older then her daughter ya see
                              FETUS 1D ANYONE!?
pxngxin pxngxin Oct 29, 2015
Ohh okay lol i thought you meant him and Chelsea bc they aren't either @TooManyFandoms94