Sh*t My Parents Say

Sh*t My Parents Say

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kc jade 🌵 By omgkcj Updated Sep 06

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Hello! I'm KC; I live with Mom, Dad, and Little Sister. This is a story of real conversations I've had with my parents. I'd just like to clarify that my parents are really lovely people that mean no harm with their twisted, sarcastic humour; They simply think they are funny. (Sometimes the grandparents say something note-worthy, as well.) *Caution, profanity.*

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livingkpop livingkpop Jul 12
Lol my picture is how i would look at your mom if she were my mom....but tbh shes mom goals
Nicole00er Nicole00er Jun 29, 2016
I really wonder how they were when the first met... Probably a cute story? Lol but still I wish I grow up to be like this😂 it'd be so funny:)
maddierichardson52 maddierichardson52 Mar 14, 2016 dad gets mad when my mim dose this she says i need a boyfriend
lanareadsalot12 lanareadsalot12 Jan 10, 2016
I went into my notifications and, saw 99+ and almost had a heart attack
heartflash heartflash Jan 10, 2016
Dude your updates spammed my feed and said i have 130 notifications from your updates
ebsniffingbooks ebsniffingbooks Jan 04, 2016
Moms these days...can't live with them, can't live without them