School of Madness~ One Piece x Reader (AU) [#Watty2015]

School of Madness~ One Piece x Reader (AU) [#Watty2015]

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PirateQueenD By piratequeend Updated Apr 18, 2015

          "I'm too sane for this shit!" You gasp, hiding under a desk. Another tremor shakes the building. Curse your luck! Curse these insane people! 
          "___! Where'd you go!?" A voice calls but you cover your ears. 
          "They're all crazy! The principle! The teachers! And the students are just as insane!" You whisper, feeling like you yourself was slipping into madness. Oh how did you get thrown into this school!? "If I ever get out of here alive Gin, I'm kicking your ass...."

          *Two Weeks Before*

          The door bell sounded feverishly, which was never a good sign. You walked toward the door with a frown. What was the chances it would be that pizza you ordered five minutes ago?... Yeah, you were highly doubtful too, hopeful, but still doubtful as you reach for the door. 
          "___!" Gin chimes when you open the door. Your friend gives you cheerful hug and you instantly become wary. 
          "Oh god what did you do!?" You question in alarm. He pulls ...

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                              Sounds like one of the people in the black organization from detective Conan
RoseDracul RoseDracul Jun 12
I just noticed thats don krieg and gin one of his ship people... Im so slow
Um excuse me is it okay if I use the insult in this story "flat chested diva in a story I am writing? Just asking
ok this is the plan 
                              beat then ip
                              steal anything valuable
                              run as the dickens
NamixLuffy123 NamixLuffy123 Oct 11, 2015
If this really happened I think I Would had killed them before they left