Kidnapped by a Billionaire

Kidnapped by a Billionaire

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The World where God only knows By Avalanche36 Updated Apr 17, 2015


 I feel so cold and my head.. it hurts a lot. I think I'm not in my room. It doesn't feel right either.

 I'm blinded and tied up with my wrist and ankles. If you could smell "Richness", then my thoughts are confirmed, this is the Government. Oh, I mean some rich persons house. 
My thoughts were interrupted when somebody was already in front of me. I couldn't see through these blinds but the bed dipped. 

"Good Morning beautiful." he started with his deep voice. I can sense that he just woke up a few minutes from now.
 "I don't know who you are Mr. but please let me go."  I pleaded. I'm Scared. 
 "Your MINE now, and mine alone. I want YOU and your BODY owned by Me.. "

Very intriguing. It's a bit odd to have all the dialogue in italics, it's not really needed. It's clear as long as you have quotation marks. Just a tip, make sure it's really clear who's speaking. Sometimes it get's confusing for those reading.
It's a wonderful story but your grammar and spelling needs a little work.