Illegal Kisses

Illegal Kisses

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summer By summercalling Updated Nov 08, 2015

Everything started with one stolen kiss. 

Now I'm not some Virgin Mary who has never had a boy kiss me, but this was Jacob Summers we're talking about. Jacob Summers may be the epitome of gorgeous, but he and I go as well together as peanut butter and sausages - horrible, I would know.

So why all of a sudden is he stealing kisses off me, and why the hell am I not stopping him? 

There's one thing I know, and that is that those illegal kisses are affecting us way more than they should be. 


copyright summercalling, steal and I will chop all your toes off.

Robin_327 Robin_327 Jun 08, 2016
Wow! I like this plot I haven't read it yet.... And I know from this that I would love it till the end...
Omg I hate that soooo much. If you find the door closed before you come in the close it after you go out!!
She's probably the ONLY tree she's come across in a long time
JustTrashInGeneral JustTrashInGeneral Sep 05, 2016
My dad fixed computers and makes websites for a living so not really. I know a whoooolllleer lot that are tho.
Lozzlewingsworth Lozzlewingsworth Jan 09, 2016
Day before my b-day 😂 couldn't you have published it one day later?
- - Dec 08, 2015
I'm reading this on Dec. 8... for anyone who doesn't know, in the Catholic religion, it's the immaculate conception and pretty much centered on the virgin mary