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Band One-Shots

Band One-Shots

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Who doesn't want a nice One-Shot, right?

QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Oct 20, 2016
@IDEKTERBEAR Awwwww thank you!!!!! ^_^ Aww thanks!! :) Well for the Joel one, I don't really have a specific scenario in mind so you can decide ^_^
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Dec 21, 2016
I thought this was marching band one shots and I wanted to know that worked. Kinda disappointed
QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Oct 19, 2016
Hi, would you write a Joel Madden one for me please? If you write that band of course and have time to :)
I was wondering if you would write me another Guns n' Roses one Duff Mckagan this time? Please
SweetChild87 SweetChild87 Jun 28, 2016
Hi, would i be able to request a Axl Rose imagine please?. I would appreciate any imagine idea you can do. Or as an idea it would be cool if you can do something in his early LA days or whatnot. Thanks :)
QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Oct 20, 2016
@IDEKTERBEAR Really?! Oh thank you SO MUCH!!!! I've been looking around everywhere for any Joel Madden fanfic to read and I haven't been able to find that much. Ohmigosh, you just made my day! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! ^_^