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Skylar White is a fox shifter. She is kind, bubbly, and outgoing. After one tragic incident, she is left to roam the woods until she is captured by the Nightshade Pack. But one thing she was not looking forward to; the Alpha is her mate.
         Austin Summers is the Alpha of the Nightshade pack. He is surprised when he heard rumors of a fox the size of a wolf roaming the woods. But he doesn't believe it until he sees it himself... 

 **Includes Cursing*** 


7/1/17- #213 
6/24/17- #541 in Werewolf

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brodgers257 brodgers257 Aug 15, 2017
So includes cursing...******* ** ********** ***f*** guj (****? 😂
GingerCat23 GingerCat23 Dec 01, 2017
It’s never a good idea to have a character start a monologue with, “Let me introduce myself.” On that note, having a character address the reader really breaks the immersion.
Aquila_egale Aquila_egale Dec 25, 2017
Wow I love the paragraph  but don't. Foxes have like a amber colored eyes
The_Reading_Geek The_Reading_Geek Sep 20, 2017
I feel like I keep reading this book over and over with out realising it haha. I think this the 5th time reading it again.
OliviaDriggles_ OliviaDriggles_ Dec 27, 2017
Logan Lerman? Aka Percy Jackson? He's the only person I recognize tbh..
Kadi2304 Kadi2304 Mar 30, 2017
Skylar Cross? Anyone? Dead girls don't lie? No one? Oh...Okay...*goes to a corner and sits down*