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Hanan Refaat By DreamDreadful Updated Dec 21, 2017

Bloodthirsty, cold, and power-hungry. He rules with shrewd claws and scythe-like fangs. He is the most powerful and ruthless Alpha. The Alpha of the Blood Prowlers, the largest and most feared pack in werewolf history. Pack leaders plead at his feet for an alliance. For he was either to be their security or their doom. He killed to feel alive, feeding on the blood of the defenceless, he had no heart, some said the moon goddess was cross with him and he was never blessed with a mate. For who could be a mate to a monster?☼
Senior year. The year every student dreams of. Finally Ariel Harris, the Alpha's only daughter, is almost eighteen and is determined to make the best of senior year with the rest of her friends. Little does she know, that this year is going to be far from her expectations. ☪
He was the sun, and she was the moon.  
Soaring too close, she burned into a thousand flames.☯

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k1rrasmith k1rrasmith Apr 12
Sparklerose217 Sparklerose217 4 days ago
Bitch screw that they would choose themselves over you in a heartbeat it’s just basic survival instincts
alexa3love alexa3love Apr 17
No comma after painful. Off to a great start, I'm here for support not hate!
I wish my hair wash rountine was that simple. I got like 20 steps to washing my hair. SMH.
teeteeva teeteeva Apr 02
Is he also a fückboy cuz that would be so typical but for some reason I love it 😂😂
me when i go to take a nice picture of the sky and its on selfie mode Xd