When The Bad Boy Says: I Love You | editing

When The Bad Boy Says: I Love You | editing

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What happens when the Bad Boy says: I love you?

What would you do?

For nerd Maya Granger, she did the second thing that came to mind - the first thing being ogling his perfection - she punched him.

However, instead of leaving her alone like she thought he would, the Bad Boy, otherwise known as Ryder O'Connel, continued to stick around, determined to show her just how sincere his words are.

#21 in Romance 10/05/16
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sss6161321 sss6161321 Nov 06
Oh shite damnnn ..... I just shite myself damn.....I know hot right?😂😂😂
He said it like it wasn’t a big deal, you know hey I slept with my teacher. So have you ever tried beer?
Birthday Twinssss!!! Tho was going to be born on July 4th  but my mom said she was going on home to eat. She would be back on the 6th
StefLena StefLena Oct 16
Why did she hit him? I know it was not because if what he sad. If so I  hate to see what she will do to him when he tells her he Loves her....
My username is the answer to all the people saying it's a shade
Damn! Granger is in the Principle's office, this is worse than DEATH.