When The Bad Boy Says: I Love You

When The Bad Boy Says: I Love You

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What happens when the Bad Boy says: I love you?

What would you do?

For nerd Maya Granger, she did the second thing that came to mind - the first thing being ogling his perfection - she punched him.

However, instead of leaving her alone like she thought he would, the Bad Boy, otherwise known as Ryder O'Connel, continued to stick around, determined to show her just how sincere his words are.

#21 in Romance 10/05/16
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TrentonMA TrentonMA 4 days ago
Exactly the kind of thing I would think of but usually I'd listen to my brain and my fists.
Fun fact: the reason bad boys wear leather jackets is because 1.) Most bad boys drive motorbikes and the leather saves them from getting scratches if they were to fall off and 2.) It makes them hotter.
It would surprise you that on wattpad, it is stereotypical for a bad boy to like reading so...
TrentonMA TrentonMA 4 days ago
I finally found a book that sums up everything about me. Only I'm a geek not a nerd.
If a boy said that to me I would be like 'wtf?' And walk off
My god, its so funny seeing everyone defending Ryder in the comments instead of Maya😂