My Masked Prince {A Romantic Thriller}

My Masked Prince {A Romantic Thriller}

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Shreya Surendran JP By ShreyaSurendranJP Updated Oct 29, 2017

He wanted her. But all she wanted was to escape him.

She was his life, a reason for him to live in this foresaken world.

He would leave no stone unturned.
To conquer her.

For he was completely aware that she was the one who had conquered him.

His heart, his mind and his soul.
They yearned for her.

But she yearned to be free.
Freed from him.

Because her love for him was the reason for her destruction.

But she knew that he won't let her go.

Because all he wanted was to imprison her.
In his heart, in his mind and in his soul.
Because she belonged to him.

Only him.
Her Masked Prince.

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WeirdlyBubbly WeirdlyBubbly May 06, 2016
Any one else had a camp rock moment . ......cause I slammed the place up just Now..... In my head of course
Aliana167 Aliana167 Mar 20, 2016
Himalayas is in Nepal not in India so do some correction......
ShesAFriend ShesAFriend Aug 10, 2016
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now. 
                              Old Disney was the best Disney
stubbornGurllll stubbornGurllll Apr 05, 2016
I know her but i cannot pinpoint her name ... its Annoying  me
Paradise_Loves_You Paradise_Loves_You Mar 11, 2016
Awww my gosh love the idea :) 😘😘 love it love it  hahahahha