|| ♚The Emperor & The Assassin♚ ||   Akashi Seijuro Fanfic [OMNIBUS]

|| ♚The Emperor & The Assassin♚ || Akashi Seijuro Fanfic [OMNIBUS]

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Hellowy By Hellowy Updated Dec 23, 2016

This is an omnibus by the way. That's why there're a lot of chapters.
  Akashi X OC (Fanfiction)
  This story follows the life of a girl that was forced to be an assassin. Without her parents around and her big brother, Kanou Shiki who is busy with his own agendas, no one ever understood her situation and feelings. From someone who is completely normal, she has changed to become a complete monster that was feared by her enemies and even her own self. She has thought of turning back to the old days but she can't.
  Unknown to her,she has become a person she despised the most. A being who has lost its way. A human who has lost its own humanity. 
  Fortunately, one day,she meet some friends that may change her world. 
  And some people who came back just to turn it upside down.
  Akashi in the other hand is not that kind of emperor he is. Found out more in this story.
  This is not a normal cliched love story you would read about Akashi Seijuro. This book may make you cry or maybe not. (NOT ANGST) REALLY slow paced romance but believe me, you will surely love this story and it's characters. 
  Crossovers: 1)Assassination Classroom
                           2)Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  Other pairings: Hibari Kyoya x Reader
    Written by Hellowy ( 16 April 2015)
  This is a Fan Fiction of Kuroko No Basket.
  Kuroko No Basket is not Mine its belong to FUJIMAKI TADATOSHI.

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