|| ♚The Emperor & The Assassin♚ ||   Akashi Seijuro Fanfic [OMNIBUS]

|| ♚The Emperor & The Assassin♚ || Akashi Seijuro Fanfic [OMNIBUS]

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Hellowy By Hellowy Updated Dec 24, 2017

This is an omnibus where it contains several books in one. That's why there're a lot of chapters.
    Akashi X OC (Fanfiction)
  I, Kanou Haruka would seem like a normal person to others. A dignified, collected, noble girl. Unfortunately, the laws of fate turns everything upside down once I made that decision that cost my whole life. Thanks to my cowardice, I lost everything that I cherished for and now I'm here, hanging on those who I had left.
  Even I'm trapped in this tangled world, I will always remember the words that were craved into my mind ever since a child.
   "To plan a situation, to calculate every uncertainty, planning and calculations are just skills. The basis behind that is your heart and path."
  The same question rewinds in my head, if those words are true, where does mine leads too? I pretend to be ignorant in search of the true answer but deep down, I already know where does my heart and path lies on.
  My heart, 
  leads me to peace and prosper.
  And this path that I've chosen,
  leads me to chaos.
   This is not a normal cliched love story you would read about Akashi Seijuro. This book may make you cry or maybe not. (NOT ANGST) REALLY slow paced romance but believe me, you will surely love this story and its characters.
  Also, Akashi is not the person you thought he is~ 
    Crossovers: 1)Assassination Classroom
                             2)Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    Other pairings: Hibari Kyoya x Reader
      Written by Hellowy ( 16 April 2015)
    This is a Fan Fiction of Kuroko No Basket.
    Kuroko No Basket is not Mine its belong to FUJIMAKI TADATOSHI.


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RedTheGhoul RedTheGhoul Mar 20, 2017
"A dream in a world of reality, will never come true." ~Red 
                              It's sad because it's true for me and many others...
Akatsuki_Shiro Akatsuki_Shiro Dec 27, 2017
Again cause it has been almost a year since I read this fic.
NCTMakesMeEmo NCTMakesMeEmo May 22, 2017
When teleporting becomes real // eeeeee I'm going to hell and heaven and me anime's
RedTheGhoul RedTheGhoul Mar 20, 2017
103 chapters... to be continued... I have met my match! I shall read you, Book! Yaayyyyyy!!!