Fallen [Death Note Fanfic] [On Hold]

Fallen [Death Note Fanfic] [On Hold]

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ThatDamnFangirl By SarahKiddo9 Updated Nov 19, 2017

"Do you have to go, Ryuk?" The girl asked the grinning shinnigami in front of her. Though, his eyes looked sad.

"Apple, you have your whole life ahead of you. Me being here will only make it miserable."

"But-but.." She stumbled to find the words, as her eyes filled with tears. She placed the Death Note on her desk and grabbed an apple. "You don't have to go! You can have as many apples as you like!"

He chuckled humorlessly at her antics and patted her head. "I'll miss you too apple."

She shook her head, the tears falling freely, and held out the apple. He took it from her hand. "Will I ever see you again?" She asked softly, picking up the Death Note once more.

"Maybe. But I'll always be watching you."

She tilted her head. "Okay..." She sniffled. "I guess I'll be waiting." She held out the notebook with both hands. "I forfeit the Death Note."

(AN: I do not own Death Note, or its original plot, but I do own my OCs and changes in plot)

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Tuberwolf Tuberwolf May 07, 2017
I bet she have bad experiences with her friend and hair dye...
Yokki_Den Yokki_Den Nov 05, 2017
I’d rather get killed by a freaking shinnigami than do that
Nickisama Nickisama Jul 10, 2017
That must look so weird from other people's perspective like she's hugging air
DeidaraStalker DeidaraStalker Dec 25, 2016
Women so bipolar although I have no place to talk as I am one
DeidaraStalker DeidaraStalker Dec 25, 2016
Yeah it could be worse like turning her hair........pink
                              *throws up at the thought
SuicideBox SuicideBox Dec 13, 2016
Wow. Marie likes Light, but supports Miyuki going on a date with him. What a nice friend! I expect her to be mad, now I salute!