Kidnappped (and loving it!) [Slow updates]

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Peace By PeaceLover248 Updated 2 years ago
Meet Ocean Calling, a bubbly sixteen-year-old girl who gets suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious Zac Fuentes to help make a plan with his crew to destroy their enemy gang. Sounds scary, no? Not really. With Ocean around, nothing is as scary as expected. Join them on their crazy adventure, you may laugh, cry or twerk, because it's not everyday someone gets kidnapped, and loves it. [PG-13]
Wow i love this story :) Please read mine its called "Hunted and Hijacked" anyways this is so good i love it :)
Intriguing enough but it seems a little common on wattpad, but the story does allow twists to be incorporated in the future,
Woah! That's really captivating. I like how you showed us he suffocated her, instead of saying 'He suffocated me'. Good job :) voted.
Ohh intense! i like it! haha this is really good and i didnt catch any major mistakes either! voted!
Few mistakes. I reckon ur blurb shud be longer but im liking it.  *VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVOOTED* This has potentiaol and ur characters are developing ver well. Well written. :))
Very explanitory. Try to include more details. The "telling" is kinda dry. Try to "show" what's happening, if you get what I'm saying...