Yes, I Ran Away!

Yes, I Ran Away!

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Yes, I ran away from my own wedding!
But, I  want to be more than a mere wife of a billionaire.

Meet Ruchi Shah, a girl hailing from a middle class family with a humble background. Trapped in an arranged marriage with one of the youngest billionaires, settled somewhere in abroad. But, she has better plans than to marry the 'rich jerk'.

She decided to ran away from her own wedding. A plan to get her life the way she wants in NY.  But what will happen when she will find him again? That too in most surprising circumstances?

Will they both be able to find the person they love? Or will they end up together? Join Ruchi on her journey of love and hate that, with a very handsome ex-fiance.

Highest Rank #1 in ChickLit!
P.S. Initial part of the story is set in India but rest of the story is set in NY.
Also, this story has grammatical errors. It is an unedited first draft.

SubAstra SubAstra Apr 29
My mom asks me the same question every time I wake up late and I'm fifteen!!!
sentimental......but not too much.....looking forward to finishing the book :p
- - Dec 29, 2015
thank god! i am not reading this on my wedding, else i would have tempted to sneak out!! you wrote that well
LizardClone LizardClone Nov 05, 2015
Indian? Check.
                              Wild? Check
                              Awesoem? Totally.
                              I am going to read more. i promise. I like the concept of Running away.
                              And I write awesoem that way. #awesoem
animelover1234lol animelover1234lol Oct 26, 2015
i would have ran away as soon as i herd that i had to get married.
RV_Rose RV_Rose Sep 28, 2015
@Ayeshaquazi2 Thanks. I hope you will enjoy reading the whole book. And don't forget to vote c: