Tails of Naruko(Naruto sister fan fic)

Tails of Naruko(Naruto sister fan fic)

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Akira Kurochi By xXBadAngelXx Updated Jun 27

Naruko is Narutos twin sister and is also the bearer of the legendary 9 tailed demon hound, Ragnerok. Hehe, silly isn't it. Naruko has a overgrown demon dog inside of her and Naruto has an overgrown demon cat inside of him! Anyways back to the point. Naruto and Naruko both grew up close together to the point of where they are never separated. They even sleep in the same room! But there is somethings special about Naruko. She can see into the future and she is some how miraculously friends and family with the infamous Akatsuki after having an accidental run in with them. 

Cover created by @TheInfinityOfMaybe
She makes awesome books, covers, and banners so maybe check her out please! 

*Warning: I don't own Naruto. I only own Oc's. Also I did not watch all of Naruto and it's series so i am basing this of of the knowledge i know from episodes i watched,  fan fics ive read, and knowledge of characters online.*

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