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Xiumin my bully (exo)

Xiumin my bully (exo)

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u need justice By coolamatic1029 Completed

Xiumin is my bully, he bullied me for a long time and he never got sick of it. What was his goal for doing this to me? What did he want from me!?

KathyPTX KathyPTX Nov 04, 2016
My school starts at 9:30 (when I'm in Highschool it starts at 7:50)
_pcyexo_ _pcyexo_ Jan 14
Lol, yeah Xiumin and Chen were not scared at all, we have Xiumin just casually walking by everything and Chen Handing out Hot Packs! Lol 😂
KathyPTX KathyPTX Nov 04, 2016
*when he was one of the two EXO members that didn't get scared in a haunted house and even laughed at the 'ghosts'*
momomarara23 momomarara23 May 16, 2016
And when he's scared of the garage... He was the one who made it through the haunted house without screaming...
JenzHart04 JenzHart04 Nov 22, 2016
At first I thought Taemin was a ship name for Taehyung and Jimin.. Guess I was wrong
gabrielleebanks7 gabrielleebanks7 Mar 05, 2016
Oh ya know just listen on to hello bitches while reading this