Beautiful Mess - A Drarry Fanfiction.

Beautiful Mess - A Drarry Fanfiction.

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Harry Potter, the boy from under the stairs, the boy who lived, the boy who just wanted a normal life. 

But when a special someone, a very pompous and snotty blonde boy who roams the Hogwarts halls comes into his life completely, what will happen? 

Will he accept his feelings, or will he back away, knowing he had not one single chance with a specific someone?

( cringe i made this when i was like twelve ?? anyways, ignore small re - publishing and updates, no part of the plot is to be changed.

started apr 10, 2015z )

Levi_T Levi_T Feb 27
McGonagall should've raised Harry in the first place. He'd be so intelligent and witty, and, not to mention, he would've probably killed Voldemort as he was being pottytrained. Also, tea parties and gossip
Sweetie u spelled 'love of my life' wrong it's okay we make mistakes lol
Levi_T Levi_T Feb 27
Excuse me, IDKWTF you are talking about in the HP I read, Draco refused to have any association with Voldemort and dedicated his life to fightung alongside his (very gay) boyfriend for the greater good. Thats what I read.
polkyo polkyo Jan 27
smol cinnamon who doesn't deserve fuckers taking her stuff and calling her "loony"
Levi_T Levi_T Feb 27
This is why I said McGonagall should've raised you; you're so bloody dense, a drunk Ravenclaw wouldn't even let you in /the house/.
Then that means you hate Treacle Tart and Broomstick Polish. 
                              Nice try, PottAH