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Spare Me Alpha, but I want your Beta (WattyAwards13)

Spare Me Alpha, but I want your Beta (WattyAwards13)

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_TheDuchess_ By _TheDuchess_ Completed

Alexa has been her little sister Dahlia's care taker for the past seven years after her parents were killed. Her and her sister were forced to leave there pack. Not knowing what to do or why her parents were killed she goes in hiding in the city as human. Alexa does not want that life for her sister when she shifts into her wolf. She wants her to be able to be among her kind. Alexa sets out to meet the Alpha of Crescent Falls Pack but ends up meeting his father instead. She is offered a rank in there pack that she refuses. She meets Beta Nathaniel who despises rogues, but finds herself attracted to him although he is not her mate. Alexa soon finds herself falling for Nathaniel only to find her mate who is Alpha Nicholas of Crescent Falls and Beta Nathaniel's best friend. Alpha Nicholas is mated and has marked another she wolf as his.

Do you happen to be related to two hot vanpires that go by the names of Damon and Stefan Salvatore 😆😈😉
francast francast Apr 10
What kind of job does she hold that she can afford to have a car, how did she make enough money to get her driver's licence?
Englishgual Englishgual Dec 13, 2016
Omgggg i wanted to read a book where the luna and beta get together for so longggg
                              Ive looked everywhere on wattpad* cries tears of joy*😂
bluebeauty654 bluebeauty654 Jun 30, 2016
Omega really, even after what she went through. (Now that's just cold)😔
diseases diseases Jun 23, 2016
i thought the title said spank me alpha. haha ok im leaving now.
kevinhunt1 kevinhunt1 Dec 11, 2016
My middle name is Nathaniel ☺😊
                              Why do they have to be an omega