Beautiful Bliss (Unedited)

Beautiful Bliss (Unedited)

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Ashanti in the MM*

" mama "

" yes little girl " she sung.

" uhh..ima miss yall..but ima be happy I get 2 see De'asia & em "

" mhm...I still dont know y u wanna graduate down there..but its u "

" leavin in da morning "

" love u 2 "

*that morning*

Now my Ig..but u will be apart of this journey of my ups & downs & the things live been through & the things im gonna go through. At this moment Mississippi that's were my daddy's from. Me & my mama from Chicago & my lil brother from Indiana. 

I arrived at my daddy's house & he was there. I walked in & i was wrong..I see he isnt here so I just put my bags in my room & get back in to my white Challenge. I went De'asia 's house place.

" Dee..come on "

" what you mean come on..I got a boyfriend you dont "

"..jarrick pigeon toed ass comin' so come on "

" dats yo cousin..& what if his mama don't want us in her house "

" bitch..she gave me da key..and been here all da time "


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