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Heroes Of Olympus Imagines & Preferences

Heroes Of Olympus Imagines & Preferences

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louise ✦ By farkleysparkley Updated Jul 14, 2016

Includes Seaweed Brain, Mr. Mcshizzle, Blonde Superman, and The Ghost King

- - May 30, 2016
Since when did Percy 1. Run from a monster and 2. Use a bow? He sucks at archery.
If I was a child of hades:
                              Nico:oh gods go away
                              Me:*stands up* bad skeletons! *hits it with newspaper
                              Nico:where did you even get that!?
MikuPichu MikuPichu May 28, 2016
his eyes arent green they are sea green (sorry i showed my friend this and she can rant sometimes)
vanvaneeks1983 vanvaneeks1983 Feb 23, 2016
Wow...I don't knkw Nico can be that overprotwctive guy...he only summon skeletons when he mad and at his high tension...ypthat is wow...
PassTheButterBeer PassTheButterBeer Jul 16, 2016
Wait dosent that mean he's your brother if you can summon water?