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The Beginning of the End ☠ •ereri AU-apocalypse• (boyxboy) The Wattys 2016

The Beginning of the End ☠ •ereri AU-apocalypse• (boyxboy) The Wattys 2016

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愛 By JaegerBombasticBooty Updated Dec 09, 2016

Eren Jaeger was ten years old when the infected took over and destroyed his normal life. The boy had to deal with so much as the years went by, his mother dying, his father experimenting on him. Now he's fifteen years old and called 'Humanity's last hope' his father gave him a dose of chemicals that made him immune. After having enough Eren ran away with his two friends, Armin and Mikasa. While they're on the run and looking for a doctor that could help Eren and help humanity they come across another group. Eren meets a man named Levi Ackerman and this causes two problems, the infected trying to take a bite out of them wherever they go, and the growing relationship between Eren and Levi. Will they be able to survive? Will they even be able to complete their mission with such a distraction?
❝I just don't want a committed relationship. It's the fucking apocalypse.❞ 
❝Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.❞
❰Warning, may contain: Gore, smut, mpreg. IT DOES HAVE OTHER SHIPS. Like a sliver of JeanMarco and some other ships. This is an ereri fanfic, it does have tiny bits of Armin trying to get with Eren in it. If you don't like it, please don't read, thank you. c: ❱

Me:*grabs ALL electronic devices*
                              Sister: you do know that theirs basically not gonna be anymore wifi ....right??
                              Me:YOU have to faith that there will be and that it's gonna be back plus ....I CAN'T JUST LEAVE MY BABY'S BEHIND!!!!
AdoreforAot AdoreforAot Dec 18, 2016
I don't know what you did with the weapons but I know you did anything but attack the infected with them
Taken_By_Da_Rivaille Taken_By_Da_Rivaille Jun 28, 2016
*Screams!* OMFG ITS ALREADY CREEPY! *little sister knocks at door*
                              Erin: Hey Caitli-
                              Me: GO AWAY ZOMBIE!
                              Erin: wtf?
TatonkaTanoChan TatonkaTanoChan Oct 18, 2016
Seriously guys just stay inside, lock everything up and grab as much weapons as possible!
ThatOneSmolChild ThatOneSmolChild Dec 24, 2016
Oh god lemme guess saving Armin??
                              And let's not forget the obvious reference to Z nation that y'all are oblivious to apparently or maybe it's just a coincidence 
                              But I think not
AiyaXo AiyaXo Dec 22, 2016
155 chapters..
                              I'm so not gonna sleep tonight
                              Or tomorrow probably