Percy Jackson & The Avengers Crossover

Percy Jackson & The Avengers Crossover

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Shadow By Theshadowswords Updated Mar 23, 2016

Percy Jackson and the demigods won the Giant War. But at a cost Percy lost everything, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, his mother, step father, Nico, Thalia, but most crushing was Annabeth. Plus even more demigods. He is the last of the seven. 

Percy leaves all ties to the Gods. He is broken on the inside. He's haunted in his sleep. He tries to leave the Gods behind. But a threat is on the horizon.

S.H.E.I.L.D wants to catch this kid who is a threat, and might have powers. They want him on their side.

(Sorry for not being good at summaries.)

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PersassyJacksassion PersassyJacksassion Sep 28, 2017
No d, just Rogers. At least i think...... Sorry if I'm wrong
janebc123 janebc123 May 14
Why do I feel like as soon as Percy beats the crap out of his team, Thor’s just gonna run up with a pop tart box for Percy to autograph
This book is legit painful, for an 'off duty' Grammar Police that is.
I don't understand why in these stories, The avengers are the ones to get him. Do they realize that the avengers are utilized for world threatening situations? Terrorists situations fall under the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. domain.
kerrt4875 kerrt4875 Mar 06
it uses more muscles to frown then to smile and I like to stay in shape.
Ugliano. Oh wow that is a great name for a character that is such an a*****e