Percy Jackson & The Avengers Crossover

Percy Jackson & The Avengers Crossover

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Shadow By Theshadowswords Updated Mar 23, 2016

Percy Jackson and the demigods won the Giant War. But at a cost Percy lost everything, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, his mother, step father, Nico, Thalia, but most crushing was Annabeth. Plus even more demigods. He is the last of the seven. 

Percy leaves all ties to the Gods. He is broken on the inside. He's haunted in his sleep. He tries to leave the Gods behind. But a threat is on the horizon.

S.H.E.I.L.D wants to catch this kid who is a threat, and might have powers. They want him on their side.

(Sorry for not being good at summaries.)

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StormSong1017 StormSong1017 May 27, 2017
It is no longer 'original' or 'cool' to have an Enemy, the new thing is Enmanys!
PersassyJacksassion PersassyJacksassion Sep 28, 2017
No d, just Rogers. At least i think...... Sorry if I'm wrong
InsaneFantasyReader InsaneFantasyReader Jul 29, 2017
I thought it said "Now spotted going to Olympus" and I completely missed the cemetery part
ERR0R_EXE ERR0R_EXE Nov 01, 2017
Im sorey (I hate myself im not even British or Canadian) m8 but im cringing
TheBlurredLines TheBlurredLines Jun 29, 2017
Ugliano i remember cause hes ugly. Lol the author and his puns
x_XBTS_ARMYX_x x_XBTS_ARMYX_x Sep 02, 2017
I remember last year in seventh grade we were studying Greek mythology and we read the Perseus Jackson series and when we read ugliano we'd all pronounce it as uglyianoXD