The Demon Experiment  ⌱ ¢αѕтιєℓ

The Demon Experiment ⌱ ¢αѕтιєℓ

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"What," followed Dean. "You two know each other?" Everyone's eyes were on Cas. The brothers were thinking the same thing. What was going on?

"Oh," the demon murmured softly. "We go way back. Don't we?"

Castiel sighed, his eyes drooping to look at the ground. "I knew her when she was still human. A long time ago."

ShilohLOL ShilohLOL Aug 13
I love you too right now. Plz tell me that you got the music from Narnia. That was a great trailer
ScooterZoid ScooterZoid Sep 11
Wow that is a gooooooood trailer. I want there to be a whole show on her now
okay I really like the fûcking music. that was sick. it was amazing. I'm even more excited to read this.
i loved how you used the narnian lullaby fro the music! #IbelieveInASLAN