I Can't Love Her (Lauren/You)

I Can't Love Her (Lauren/You)

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Caramel_Harmonizer By Caramel_Harmonizer Updated 2 days ago

You go to Mountain View High School with you best friends Dinah and Camila. You guys have been bullied by the popular girls since the 6th grade. But what happens when said populars are at your house for a business dinner for you and you best friends dad's company.

Lauren Jauregui. She's the most popular girl in Mountain View High School and her clique includes her friends Ally and Normani. But what happens when she and her clique have to spend an entire night with the most unpopular people in the school.
And one of those unpopular people may  have already stolen the heart of the Lauren Jauregui.

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fallenworldofchances fallenworldofchances Jan 27, 2016
it indeed is amazing. i know bc i live in brasil and have visited Paris
Camren_Mosley Camren_Mosley Oct 22, 2016
I find it creepy that I'm watching this movie right now😂😂
jUStCHiiLliiNg jUStCHiiLliiNg Oct 26, 2016
Last time I checked Ally was the hobbit so get your facts straight 
                              Ooo tiss
Nukey0717 Nukey0717 2 days ago
Well can't wait for you to make her snap and give you a poly beat down
SpecialK02 SpecialK02 Nov 10, 2015
My older sis is the best she works all the time but still has time for me after school and stuff
5Hand1D_ASF 5Hand1D_ASF Oct 01, 2015
Awww I wish my brother is good. To me and I wish a have a sister