The Darkest Melody  (Bloody Painter X Reader)

The Darkest Melody (Bloody Painter X Reader)

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funnypants628 By funnypants628 Updated Mar 10

~Your P.O.V~ 

I finished coloring in the blood red rose I was drawing. 
"That's beautiful, (Y/N)!" My art teacher exclaimed looking over the canvas. 
"My, it looks like you took a picture." The art teacher said running her fingers over the canvas. 
"How-... how did you do this?" The art teacher asked. 
"I just drew it. Nothing special." I said. The art teacher smiled. 

"Can.. Can I keep this?" The art teacher asked. My eyes went wide. She wanted that?! 
"Of course you can." I said. The art teacher smiled then looked at the clock on the wall. 
"Okay class. Class is over, you can leave." The art teacher said and waved everyone off. I grabbed my (F/C) folder with my drawings in it and stuffed it in my bag. I grabbed the bag and walked out the art room. I walked out the building and started to walk home. While I was walking I thought I heard footsteps behind me. I whipped around and saw no one. I sighed in relief and continued to walk. That's when I saw the park. I smiled a little and wa...

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If I remember correctly on a certain episode of forensic files they explain that when blood stains are on for a long period of time it releases some type of oil around the stain.
rosse40633 rosse40633 Aug 16, 2016
This is very.....'Ciel', Helen.
                              BB reference! So proud of myself!
Crscnd Crscnd Jul 25, 2016
This actually annoys me alot because I can tell when people are smiling for real or not so I feel like the story has been personalized to me I like it but then again I'm probably the type of person you imagine would be reading this
Puchi_Lynn Puchi_Lynn Feb 28
Of course he remembers where he got them...Because he got them night...someones house...
Shadow_Blood_Rose01 Shadow_Blood_Rose01 Jul 19, 2016
the picture on the first chapter it reminds me of the sketch book in 'Don't hug me I'm scared'
Dj-Sparkle Dj-Sparkle Feb 10
That is actually me during advance art class at school when I made a replica of a stary galaxy and it look like I took a picture of it and my art teacher keep it