The Darkest Melody  (Bloody Painter X Reader)

The Darkest Melody (Bloody Painter X Reader)

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funnypants628 By funnypants628 Updated Jul 23, 2016

~Your P.O.V~ 

I finished coloring in the blood red rose I was drawing. 
"That's beautiful, (Y/N)!" My art teacher exclaimed looking over the canvas. 
"My, it looks like you took a picture." The art teacher said running her fingers over the canvas. 
"How-... how did you do this?" The art teacher asked. 
"I just drew it. Nothing special." I said. The art teacher smiled. 

"Can.. Can I keep this?" The art teacher asked. My eyes went wide. She wanted that?! 
"Of course you can." I said. The art teacher smiled then looked at the clock on the wall. 
"Okay class. Class is over, you can leave." The art teacher said and waved everyone off. I grabbed my (F/C) folder with my drawings in it and stuffed it in my bag. I grabbed the bag and walked out the art room. I walked out the building and started to walk home. While I was walking I thought I heard footsteps behind me. I whipped around and saw no one. I sighed in relief and continued to walk. That's when I saw the park. I smiled a little and wa...

RomanFour RomanFour Oct 12, 2016
OMG. Hahahahah! Laughed so much at that... Imagining Jeff breaking in a house when Helen got there first.
rosse40633 rosse40633 Aug 16, 2016
This is very.....'Ciel', Helen.
                              BB reference! So proud of myself!
Underswap_Papyrus777 Underswap_Papyrus777 Nov 25, 2016
Check for mysterious Helens, they can be anywhere, and attack when you least expect it!
Crscnd Crscnd Jul 25, 2016
This actually annoys me alot because I can tell when people are smiling for real or not so I feel like the story has been personalized to me I like it but then again I'm probably the type of person you imagine would be reading this
anime_lover293 anime_lover293 Jul 21, 2016
Unlocking thing are easy for me. You just use a paper clip.馃槑
Shadow_Blood_Rose01 Shadow_Blood_Rose01 Jul 19, 2016
the picture on the first chapter it reminds me of the sketch book in 'Don't hug me I'm scared'