He Stole My Teddy Bear (#Wattys 2015)

He Stole My Teddy Bear (#Wattys 2015)

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"I like sunny days." I smiled. He smirked and crossed his arms. 

"I like stormy days" he smirked. I frowned at him.

 "Why?" I asked. He leaned forward, his face centimeters away from mine. 

"They remind me of you" he whispered.                                               
A story in which two different peoples lives collide from the most simplest thing.

[Amazing cover made by @kyorine]

I think this adorable. That's right you break the stereotypes for masculinity !!! 🙌🙆🙇
This I the first book I read that describes a person taking a shower!
BuyileTlou BuyileTlou Sep 18
There are a lot of spelling errors but besides that I am enjoying it
I hate when my teachers do that once I wrote my crush on a sticky note and my teacher read it aloud
Am I the only one wondering if she's going to get dress coded??
meepicorn meepicorn Nov 27
Oh my gosh next thing you know they are having pillow fights and gossiping. Oh and don't forget mud masks!🙄🤔