He Stole My Teddy Bear (Editing)

He Stole My Teddy Bear (Editing)

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[WARNING: This book contains cringy scenes, and the chapters are terrible! I wrote this at a young age so if you want a good, non-cliche story please check out my other works. I am deciding whether to delete or re-write this book. You have been warned]


"I like sunny days." I smiled. He smirked and crossed his arms. 

"I like stormy days" he smirked. I frowned at him.

 "Why?" I asked. He leaned forward, his face centimeters away from mine. 

"They remind me of you" he whispered.                                               
A story in which two different peoples lives collide from the most simplest thing.

[Amazing cover made by @kyorine]

snowfox2022 snowfox2022 Jan 04
My...my....my....my hemmings man is gone?!?!?! HOW...BUT....WHY....NO.....MY BABY!!.......HE ...HE CAN...HE CANT!!!! *cries* WHY DID YOU TAKE MY MAN?!?!
snowfox2022 snowfox2022 Jan 04
I love this!! Idk y but I almost died laughing but it's so relatable!!
                              1. GETTING INTO THE SHOWER
                              2. GETTING OUT THE SHOWER (  I CAN NVER JUST GET OUT. OML )
                              PROBLEMS OF SLEEP AND ME
                              1. GOING INTO BED
                              2. GETTING OUT OF BED ( ITS JUST TOO COMFORTBLE!)
ohoktania ohoktania Oct 30, 2016
This I the first book I read that describes a person taking a shower!
Then I grabbed a bottle from my secret compartment by the wall and drank the  blood I needed to protect me from the sun.
_skywalk3r_ _skywalk3r_ Jan 15
Your in like 2nd grade the only thing girls should be worrying about is what jelly to but on their PBJ not swooning over him