Secrets of a Student

Secrets of a Student

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"That's not fair!" I said and I slapped him across the face. 

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, hard. 

"No Mate of mine will ever treat me like that unless I'm inside of them." He said with force that would have made any person in the world cower. 

But not me. 

I arched my hips to his.  "Then why aren't you."

Valery you need to watch who is following you girl before you get caught doing something that you shouldn't be doing with your teacher girl.
Yeah right stop telling thst lue to vslery know that you is not going to the after party with girls by none other than mr mellow.
My head is twisted at such an unnatural angle cuz I have low battery and my cord is way too fūcking small so I have to lean off my bed. Hence, my unnatural position.