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My Dad's Best Friend (A Steamy Romance)[ Completed] #thewattys2017

My Dad's Best Friend (A Steamy Romance)[ Completed] #thewattys2017

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Ness Martin ❣ By NessMartin Completed

Seventeen year old Victoria Evans is your typical run-of-the mill, sheltered and innocent girl. But she does have one secret. 
  Her secret isn't exciting or life-changing.....or is it?
  The secret is that she has a crush on her dad's twenty-eight year old best friend Dr Cole Freeman. 
  And by crush, she means she hopelessly in love with him. 
  Twenty-eight year old Cole Freeman has a secret of his own....
  He is in love with Victoria. 
  After one magical night both Cole's and Victoria's feelings are brought to light. 
  However her's and Cole's story isn't a cliche love story where boy mets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. If only it was that simple. 
  Victoria's family is ruled and run of a religion that forces girls to marry a man they may never have even met before, as soon as they turn eighteen.  
  Considering Victoria is eighteen in ten months, she's in serious trouble. 
  With her new fiancé in the picture, Victoria's and Cole's relationship will be pushed beyond the limits. 
  And when they need to rely on each other the most, a "miracle" happens forcing Victoria to make decisions she thought she would never have to make. 
  *Authors Note* 
  this book is erotic and sexual so if you are not comfortable with that then its best you don't read it.        
          ***W⃣A⃣R⃣N⃣I⃣N⃣G⃣***                                        -contains sex (a lot of sex).                                     -contains swearing.                                                --contains heartbreak.                                                -contains overload of cuteness and aww fest.                                                                                  -contains True Love
  -updates at least one chapters a week. ( almost completed)
  -very long book!
  Strictly 18+.
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ambitiousintestine ambitiousintestine May 11, 2016
oh wouldnt you just love the thought of Cole as your hubby? ;)
KishonaArmstrong KishonaArmstrong May 25, 2016
That fed up happen to me but not just a slap a kick daughter
5soslover62 5soslover62 Aug 20, 2016
I don't get it. If you do the math and do twenty eight-- seventeen that would make him eleven when se was born.
Makako14 Makako14 Oct 13, 2016
Your dad is a Hella crazy if he thinks imma go get him a freaking sandwich at 2 into he Damn morning.
dreanagurl246 dreanagurl246 Jul 06, 2016
He's friends with Cole. How many of those beliefs does Cole hold near and dear?
BitchesLoveFlowers BitchesLoveFlowers Aug 20, 2016
Question! Wich religion? I am pretty shure you mean tradition girl...