A World Full Of Lies (Gratsu and Stingue)

A World Full Of Lies (Gratsu and Stingue)

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derp a derp By lilypawn Updated Jan 24, 2017

Why? Why try to save someone who's already  broken, who's given up on happily ever after so long ago, that faith seems like nothing more than a word used to fuel childish dreams making reality even crueler than it already is. Why try to love someone who knows love is nothing but an illusion. How can you save someone who is already lost. He can't. If only he would give up. 

Sadly that dumb ass doesn't listen too well.

disclaimer I do not own fairy tail or any of the characters Also any songs that are from YouTube and media pictures do not belong to me all credit goes to the rightful owners.

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Me, on an everyday bases. Just it's a Panic! At the Disco sweater
Salemkarr Salemkarr Jul 13, 2016
Well GREAT (note sarcasm) this is what I just NEEDED, now I'm crying, thank you SO MUCH😿🙀😹😻
Bitch_Jerk_Assbutt Bitch_Jerk_Assbutt Dec 29, 2016
awsome😂 in nearly every fanfic i read they're wearing a fall out boy t-shirt😂
                              i like😂
teenwolf_girl0817 teenwolf_girl0817 Jul 10, 2016
Ok.Is he talking about Adventure Time or something because if he is,I'll have to stop everything and look up Bubbline fanart.
teenwolf_girl0817 teenwolf_girl0817 Jul 10, 2016
We are one now.Join me Natsu,as we listen to Centuries and Irresistible together!
Okay I want an adventure time au with natsu being prince gumball and gray being marshal lee. No? Okay...