Society Killed the Girl

Society Killed the Girl

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*undergoing re-write*

Everly Casey has practically raised not only herself but her baby sister as well. All since the tender age of ten when her father ran out on their family causing her mother to have a mental break down. Now, eight years later Everly's a senior still caring for sister and watching out threatening blows from her abusive drunk mother.

With her trusty side kick Lulu by her side she attempts to see life for the better, she does everything in her power to not break further than she already was. But with Lu out of school, and rumors flying faster than planes Everly is alone in a crowded room. She getts bullied, beat downed, hurt, torn and broke until there are so many shattered peices it seems impossible to put all the pieces back together again. But when an old friend rolls back into town after disappearing for two years life doesn't ease up at all; especially with his older, bruiting, broken cousin tailing behind him. 

And when something more than catastrophic hits Ever's life and a stranger barges in proclaiming to be her long lost sister from another father it seems as if Everly's life is going no where but down. Can the bond between broken souls patch each other together again or will the hardships of being a teenager sink yet another teenager?

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-worldofwords -worldofwords Feb 10, 2016
Cover and title totally intrigues me and I hope to pick this story up in the future! :)
OreoCookieKitty OreoCookieKitty Feb 10, 2016
Since you mentioned cats, this book is already great. (Speaking of cats, mine are laying on me right now.)
Summer_Love_18 Summer_Love_18 Mar 17, 2014
This is 100% true. And perfect, an absolutely perfect beginning to a story. I can't wait to start reading this story. It sounds like it will be amazing.
pinkycupcake pinkycupcake Nov 19, 2013
OMG THIS WAS SUCH AN AMAZING START!! I LUV IT SO FAR AND THE COVER AND WOAH THIS WAS SOOO WELL WRITTEN! And yes I've been one of those ppl and still r and I hope I could learn something from this book:D
7bloodfire 7bloodfire Oct 16, 2013
Very strong character voice.  :D  Sounds like a leader type.