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His Pretty Pet (A Jasper Hale Story)

His Pretty Pet (A Jasper Hale Story)

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Cermet named Paesh By 1PsychoBlonde Updated Jun 02, 2015

My name's  Luana Caroline Bandindi. Luana means Content, Happy. Caroline means Song of Happiness. I was basically blessed to be happy and Joyful. I always am happy, but I'm kinda like an empath, except I feel emotions, and am affected by them but can't control them. I am 16 years of human years, but I'm 1,203 cat years. I am kinda like a werewolf, except I don't morph into a wolf, I morph into a Jaguar. I come from royal bloods and it was passed down generation to generation. 
So one day I was prancing around, when a werewolf appears out of nowhere and kills my siblings and parents. My life was over, he lunged for me. I don't know how, but I escaped. I was a loner for 4 centuries. I then was taken in by a coven of vampires in Alaska, I was one of them for 3 centuries. 
But when I left them to go hunting, I ran all the way down to Washington. I was slammed into a tree by a girl with a heart shaped face and bronze curls. She was curious to see a Jaguar in Washington.
"KILL IT RENESME!" a burly man boomed, the girl was about to bite me, when I morphed into a human. She took in my white curly hair and my white skin, what she didn't know was, I never showed anyone my eyes, but then someone yanked my head there way, but before I could avoid their gaze. They already looked into my eyes, and I morphed and ran away from the strange man. But I oddly felt attracted to him, Strange.

Stargazer141 Stargazer141 Dec 16, 2016
Sorry, but what you wrote in Russian is "challenge, do you know, Russia"
- - May 29, 2015
Plz plz plz plz Update it's killing me not knowing what's going to happen next!!