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A Mates Betrayal

A Mates Betrayal

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Craze By MsCraze Completed

EDITED 7/27/16

*Jackie's POV*

I laid in my room watching the clock. 


I took a deep breath and got up. I head straight to my bathroom and ignore my reflection. I hop into the shower and wash off and shaved  using my favorite vanilla body wash and apple scented Shampoo and conditioner. 

Once I rise off. I hop out and brushed my hair and teeth. Still ignoring my reflection.

I look too much like her.

I walk into my room grabbing a black bra and underwear. My outfit for the day consisted of dark jeans a dark blue sweater to bring out my eyes 
And black knee high boots. Since we're in the middle of January.

I get dressed in the bath room and finally turn to look at myself in the mirror.

Standing at 5'2, I had a nice hour glass figure. My black hair brushed against my lower back in gentle waves. Slightly tanned skin. Heart shaped face. Nicely plucked eyebrows. High cheek bones. Almond shaped eyes. Long lashes. Full pouty lips. 

To some I'm very beautiful. To m...

100 pancakes , 200 waffles and 400 strips of bacon?!? Damn a girl can wish
plzplz101 plzplz101 7 days ago
He's gonna be even more of a dick head when I cut off his dick and sew it to his head, HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAH For real he can catch his hands and my knife and my gun CUZ I'm done with that bull💩
DhamarGarca DhamarGarca May 31
I agree with her wolf give him a chance and if fucks up tell him"not bye"🙌
KC_Bear KC_Bear Oct 04, 2016
What did they do to you? Please tell me that it was animal cruelty free and that they didd in piece 🙏🙌