Hetalia one-shots

Hetalia one-shots

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Ash, Ashie, or Ashton By american_sweetie Updated Dec 10, 2016

Hey you guys! Author Ash here! If you guys are interested I am going to write these occasionally. 

Rules (Meh)
-NO yaoi or yuri No ands, ifs, or buts (heh butts)
-NO rated R stuffs, though I will do the BTT if requested (nothing bad though. I love them but no.)
-warning may contain cussing. I will post a warning on each that do.
-done :3

Any questions? Want a request? Tap or click that comment thingy and ask away!

Bye bye!

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Lumina_Rose14 Lumina_Rose14 Apr 18, 2015
You hurt me......
                              *hears depressed train in distance* 
Lumina_Rose14 Lumina_Rose14 Apr 15, 2015
Heck yeah I wanna request! I mean it in the nicest way possible. Anywho, could you do my favorite.... punk! England? *blinks quickly*