The Seperation of Stanford and Stanley Pines

The Seperation of Stanford and Stanley Pines

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SomeInternetLoser By SomeInternetLoser Updated Apr 11, 2015

Uh.. I don't know. I had an idea of this and yeah. I dont think this will be too good but.. Here is the summary- It'll get better!~

This takes place when Stanford and Stanley were young. Not too young, but teens/young adults maybe.

Stanford and Stanley are beginning to get torn apart by the mysteries everything, though it used to bring them
 closer. They end up having a big fight, annndddd the rest is going to be all feely. It's all going to have feels.


  • gravityfalls
  • mysterytwins
  • pines
  • stanford
  • stanley
rebeccahoran100103 rebeccahoran100103 Jun 08, 2015
omg thi s is so good I will love it 5 ever grev fells4 Leif ♐♌♉♌♓♉⛪⌚⛲⏳♓♏⛪⛲⛪⛪⛲♒♓⏳✴❎❎➕ℹ✴➕✔➖✔⛪⛳⌚