Her picture in his wallet

Her picture in his wallet

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Rowanlovesblue By RowanlovesBlue Completed

Everyone knew how Lucy and Natsu felt about each other in Fairy tail. Well, everyone except Lucy and Natsu.

Everyone knew that they liked each other but both would laugh and say that they were just friends.

So when one day Mira finds the proof that everyone is looking for they are over the moon.

But how will Natsu react when he finds out that his secret love for Lucy isn't so secret anymore....

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IRU4lyf IRU4lyf Jul 22, 2017
None of you found out why he's always at Lucy's? You just said you knew he liked her!
FieryHeavens_NL FieryHeavens_NL Apr 05, 2018
And how their face always gets so close but Lucy's shyness ruined it xD
Carla_The_Exeed Carla_The_Exeed Jun 07, 2017
We will be just friends now we'll be just friends......I didn't mean to hurt ya, you didn't have a clue so you went in and got busy with somebody new new new now we'll be just friends oh we will be just friends now we'll be just friends okay ill stap
ImPiscesx ImPiscesx Jul 15, 2018
*warning I make weird noises when I fangirl and I’ll spell it out* nEEEEAAAAHHHyyyyy
ImPiscesx ImPiscesx Jul 15, 2018
That’s my friend and I school xd.... “when is Janson going to ask you out maddie?!” - my friend “we don’t like each other like that....” - me then my friend showed me proof that he liked me..... >~<
Star-nova-canon Star-nova-canon Jul 07, 2018
Literally every Nalu moment is ruined by something! Something!