fanfic reader :)

fanfic reader :)

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rafaela_loves_niall By rafaela_loves_niall Updated Nov 11, 2015

hello, my name is rafaela

i have two wattpad accounts. The reason i decided to do two accounts was because this one if for reading and the other one is for writing.

so the reason i have this book is because i want to read your fanfics. all YOU have to do is comment below your fanfics and i will read and vote on them, no promises on comments.

i will even give you a shoutout on your book on the next page/chapter whatever you want to call it.

it will be a slow process since i have school and i'm not sure how many people will be commenting. (probably not alot ) but it depends how many books i will have to read. if you're lucky enough you can even get a follow :)

all i ask of you is to comment below or follow me if you like since i have no followers #awkward

it can be anything you want me to read, if you want to promote your book this is the best way to do it. i'll be sharing you book on twitter if you like? and ill be giving your book a shoutout like i have said before.

if you want ...

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rafaela_loves_niall rafaela_loves_niall Apr 18, 2015
@OneDirectionToCruise in my free time I talk to friends go out and write on my other wattpad account :)
UniversalReceiver UniversalReceiver Apr 18, 2015
hey there!!! I am Shreya, and I would like to ask you about what you prefer doing in your free time!!
UniversalReceiver UniversalReceiver Apr 17, 2015
you said if u're lucky enough then u'll get a follow. oh I'm so lucky to get a follow from u :-)