(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+

(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+

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VirtualParasite By VirtualParasite Updated Jun 30, 2015

Ayato's P.O.V.

That girl.

How could she be anymore attractive? 

Before I knew it, we were locked in a bedroom together.

But let's start from the beginning...

-- Yesterday Morning --

"Ayato, can I talk to you for a moment?" Eto asked.

I nodded and followed her to the roof.

"Could you do a mission with y/n for me?" She asked.

"Just with her? What kind of mission?"

"Y/n is still pretty weak, so I want you to train her."

"Huh? Why me?"

"Because Naki is bad at explaining, Tatara is busy, and Noro doesn't even talk."

Busy doing what? 

"So that means I have to?"

"Do you not want to?"

"No it's fine I'll do it." Tch. 

"Yay!" She flailed. 

"When does the mission start?"

"Follow me."

I followed her to y/n's room. When we arrived, Eto pushed me in and locked the door.

"WHAT KIND OF MISSION IS THIS?!" I yelled, banging the door. 

Eto giggled, and I could hear her footsteps, walking away.


"Good luck!" She yelled from a distance. 

I look over to y/n's d...

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KchanT090 KchanT090 Mar 14
I will look for you...
                              I WILL find you...
                              AND I WILL KILL YOU
Weak? Yes, I might be lazy, chubby, annoying, etc. But I am not weak.............I can't even lie to myself oml😂😂😂
Mission to explore that Pusseh💀💀💀
                              Okay I'll stop
Kahzy_Chan Kahzy_Chan Aug 29, 2017
Wow yes my strange addiction to ramen and pickles is attractive i feel special xd
bqsictrash_ bqsictrash_ Nov 22, 2017
                              We just met
NicoTheWinterFox NicoTheWinterFox Dec 19, 2017
I can kill you. Then tell me how weak I am once you're dead ^^