(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+

(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+

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VirtualParasite By VirtualParasite Updated Jun 30, 2015

Ayato's P.O.V.

That girl.

How could she be anymore attractive? 

Before I knew it, we were locked in a bedroom together.

But let's start from the beginning...

-- Yesterday Morning --

"Ayato, can I talk to you for a moment?" Eto asked.

I nodded and followed her to the roof.

"Could you do a mission with y/n for me?" She asked.

"Just with her? What kind of mission?"

"Y/n is still pretty weak, so I want you to train her."

"Huh? Why me?"

"Because Naki is bad at explaining, Tatara is busy, and Noro doesn't even talk."

Busy doing what? 

"So that means I have to?"

"Do you not want to?"

"No it's fine I'll do it." Tch. 

"Yay!" She flailed. 

"When does the mission start?"

"Follow me."

I followed her to y/n's room. When we arrived, Eto pushed me in and locked the door.

"WHAT KIND OF MISSION IS THIS?!" I yelled, banging the door. 

Eto giggled, and I could hear her footsteps, walking away.


"Good luck!" She yelled from a distance. 

I look over to y/n's d...

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Weak? Yes, I might be lazy, chubby, annoying, etc. But I am not weak.............I can't even lie to myself oml😂😂😂
Mission to explore that Pusseh💀💀💀
                              Okay I'll stop
Kahzy_Chan Kahzy_Chan Aug 29, 2017
Wow yes my strange addiction to ramen and pickles is attractive i feel special xd
NicoTheWinterFox NicoTheWinterFox Dec 19, 2017
I can kill you. Then tell me how weak I am once you're dead ^^
MyOtps1 MyOtps1 Aug 07, 2017
If your attracted to chubby, slightly tan, artsy, teens with dark circles under there eyes
MyOtps1 MyOtps1 Aug 07, 2017
Okay chubby? Yes Annoying? Yes Weak? I'm stronger then at least everyone of my classmates and faster then them