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I was lying there lifelessly on the cold hard floor when I heard the " click " of the hatch on the door. I scrambled to my feet but not in time. He caught me slacking off again and he looked angrier than normal. I felt my cheek begin to sting as his hand connected with my face. He grabbed hold of my hair and yanked me towards the door. We walked down the hall and made a left. I didn't know where it led since this was farthest I had ever been out of my room. Suddenly he let go of my hair and shoved threw me at someone's feet. I looked up to see a slimy smile slip across the man face as he said " I think she's got potential." Though it was a compliment it didn't make me feel good. He then grabbed my arm, passed over a roll of cash to the man I once called dad and stuffed me into the back of a truck. 

That was twelve years ago, when I was five.

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