Our Own Stubbornness (Light Novel)

Our Own Stubbornness (Light Novel)

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Mari By coldprince00 Updated Oct 10, 2015

Kei Miyazaki was about to get home when he saw a girl at the train who has a pale skin, purple eyes and a rare angelic white hair that was so mesmerizing, he can't take off his gaze on her. He saw again the white haired girl couple days later along with his friends but something happened, he unintentional angered her that makes her hate him so much. Days had passed and a new sub teacher came to their class. And,  It's unexpectedly... was the White haired girl! 

I would like to inform that the place would be taken to Japan and the characters name were usual Japanese names and decided to always use their names automatically instead of their surnames (that was tradition in Japan). Also, I would like to put some honorifics that was used by the Japanese when calling someone like  -kun(for guys) , -chan(for girls), -san(Mr/Ms), -senpai(upperclassmen), -sensei(teacher), etc. Thant's all!

Sorry if there are some wrong grammars. I'm just beginner at writing a novel so just have fun reading it! And the pictures that I will put in every chapters are not mine. :)

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Thank you!

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