【Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction】Blood Empire 《Akashi Seijuuro x OC》『Editing』

【Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction】Blood Empire 《Akashi Seijuuro x OC》『Editing』

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Liyako Ayaki (=゚ω゚)ノ By The_Blood_Empire Updated Sep 06, 2016

"Dark, so dark. Blood, blood again. Where am I?"
A human in a mysterious place.

"You're mine."
He/she become someone property.

"Stay away from him. Or at least don't make him mad."
A warning?

"He is more terrible than his outside look, scarier than a monster, a demon."
A scary demon

"You surpose to be with him but I change it"
A lie or a true

"But because you love him."
A reason

"No, I love you."
A confession 

"I-I love you Seijuro Akashi."
 Another confession

A lost girl in a vampire kingdom, she meet the mighty prince. The mighty prince with different personalities met the lost girl. She becomes his blood slave, alway ready for his bloodlust. He becomes her most horrible nightmare. But they slowly fall for each other without any knowledge. And here come the problem, not 1 but 2 people step in the perfect picture. How are they going to fix it? 
Read to find out.

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