Smoke in Your Heart [Dan Howell fanfic] (continues in summer)

Smoke in Your Heart [Dan Howell fanfic] (continues in summer)

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Regina By 9regina Updated May 01, 2015

Hi! I started to write a new fanfiction,bc i lost inspiration for the last one.
Sorry x

This story was based of a video game InFamous:Second Son, so you should go check out the trailer for easier understandment. So she is a mix between this video game character and dementor from hp. ( wtf i'm the best at explaining stuff ups)
Faith Camerson has a very unusual gift. She was born with smoke powers and she needs to get through her tough life with them. Her world turns around when she meets a boy named Dan Bettwood.

I hope you'll like it. :)
9regina xx

{cover by me}

p.s.: sorry for any mistakes or typos ups

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