The Zombie Huntress

The Zombie Huntress

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Shmer By justreaderthings Updated Jun 02, 2015

The year is 2054. Humans are all but extinct on planet Earth. The mortality rate of the epidemic is 100%. Their is no cure. Nine-teen year old Ava Walker is only out out of the thousands of humans left trying to survive in an apocalyptic world.  

Ava Walker isn't your typical kind of girl. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty, and doesn't scream when they're coming to end her. She accept's it, and does what she has to do. Ava is a zombie huntress, hunting and killing zombies not only for her survival, but also as a hobby. And she only works alone. That's her motto. But when Ava starts to encounter people on her journey, will Ava befriend them, or will she let them fend for themselves in a world full of zombies? But how long can one fight off the demons in a world full of them alone? Maybe she'll start to experience friendship, and even love.

I suck at writing summaries but hey maybe give it a try? ;)

  • action
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  • apocalypse
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  • canada
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  • death
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  • ficiton
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atekafaraj atekafaraj May 23, 2015
I volunteer at a hospital too. becoming a nurse in the future, hopefully.
justreaderthings justreaderthings Apr 15, 2015
Omg thank you smmmm!!!  (I put emojis to explain how you made me feel when I said that. Hope fully they show up! :) and omg thanks you sm again!!!!!! Eeeppp it means so much!!!  @da_inspired-heroes
justreaderthings justreaderthings Apr 13, 2015
Haha thanks arthi! :) and it is indeed going to happen just watch! ;) @Artoo20