Isle of Shifters

Isle of Shifters

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MeganRae101 By MeganRae101 Updated Apr 12, 2015

Celena Angelus is living a horror story in her own home. Her mother is dead, and her father is a demon. 


He’s an Ossidous demon, and a very strong one. He sucks out all the power in her body to use it for his own heinous deeds. How? Celena's not human.

 She’s half-angel. The other half, well, the other half is her demon side.

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she gains her full power, enough to temporarily disable her father and escape. She snatches all she can with the help of her maid. There is a slight problem getting on a plane though. The only one available is already booked full by a private party. That is, until one of them is reported sick, so there is a empty seat, which she buys. Using a little angelic persuasion, of course. 

However, she quickly realizes that this ‘private party’ is in fact a plane full of shifters, all from the same pack. The worst part, though, is the future Alpha, Alistair Fireheart. He and his close friends are traveling to Greece. 

At least, that’s their plan.

That’s all ruined the moment that their plane crashlands on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean.

But the shifter pack is trained for survival, and they know that they are in no danger. Their only concern is Celena. It’ll be difficult to keep their secret, trapped as they are. So Celena is their only problem, one that a few of them wish to eradicate. They think she is a worthless human, who won’t be able to survive. She proves them wrong, though. Multiple times. And despite the many and constant clues, they still deny their doubts. They insist on thinking that she’s only human. 

But, Celena’s not going to do anything about that. In fact, she’ll do anything she can to keep them from discovering her secret.

But what happens when there are lives on the line, and she’s the only one who can save them? Will she remain stubborn? Or will she become what she was meant to be?

A Guardian.

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